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COVID 19 update


After waking up this morning to more news about the virus and the closure of more pro sports events across the continent, Sideline Replays will not be sending photographers to cover any more events at this time. Since we are primarily a sports photojournalism site, we wont be postings much till things get back to normal.

We thank the University of Alberta, the AJHL and all the athletes and staff for allowing us to cover your events when we had just started the site. We also want to thank Edmonton FC for allowing access in the summer of 2019 before we even started Sideline Replays! We hope you, your families and friends all stay safe and healthy through this time.

It's been an incredible journey over the last few months, getting to cover great sports in Alberta and meeting many dedicated media and photographers (and even a few video guys)

I have no doubt in the resilience and dedication of Albertans to get through this and we're looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

UPDATE: Fall 2020

Unfortunately this bug is still around, effecting not just sports but business, jobs, families and both physical and mental health.


Like many of you, the photographers at Sideline Replays, along with many other photojournalists and other sports media around the world have been unable to cover the sporting events that unite and bring joy to the people of many nations and communities. All the while athletes are losing eligibility, unable to train or practice, or support their families.


When we do get through this, and we will, we will be there to do what we can to help athletes and organizations do what they can to return to normal. We hope to not only cover events, but also cover those that make these events possible, from athletes to media, from organizers to admin, from coaches and trainers and all team staff. We are part of a larger family and cant wait to see you all again.

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