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Guest photographer at UofA Bears vs UofM Bisons

Men's Hockey - UofA Golden Bears vs UofM Bisons

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SidelineReplays and Kids4Camers would like to thank Connor Hood and the UofA Sports Media team for access to the reserved media seating for our guest photographer Carter Doucet at last nights Golden Bears vs Bisons hockey game.

Carter Doucet was covering tonight's Hockey game between the UofA Golden Bears and the UofM Bisons for thanks to K4C and the University of Alberta

Carter is a youth photographer who received donated camera equipment from Kids4Cameras and attended tonight's game with a K4C mentor photographer.

Kid4Cameras is a locally run not-for-profit developed to encourage Youth Digital Literacy by taking photographs and sharing their photo stories with others.

Along with providing youth (13-24) with free donated photography equipment, K4C also operates programs with organizations like the Boys and Girls clubs, home-schools and group-homes.

K4C also provides schools with free camera equipment to help with photography and digital literacy classes when schools don't have enough cameras on their own to run a course.

If you know a youth (13-24) interested in photography, or are a teacher/staff that would like to run a course but need cameras, or a photographer that would like to volunteer or run your own youth couse and need equipment for students, please check out the K4C website or Facebook page.

If you have camera equipment you'd like to donate please visit our Amazing sponsors in Edmonton McBain Camera or Calgary the Camera Store, who provide K4C with a safe and secure place to donate equipment! (And while you're there check out the exciting new cameras for 2020!!)

*All K4C camera equipment has been donated by people and companies that want to help put cameras in the hands of todays youth!

The Bears took an early 5-0 lead in the 1st period to beat the Bisons 8-0.

This was the UofA Golden Bears 22nd win of the season and their final home game before the Canada West playoffs, where they hold 1st place overall.

A win in tonight's home game will clinch the top spot for the Bears.

Be sure to check out the Bears hockey team tonight (7pm) at Clare Drake arena or the Bears and Pandas Basketball teams at the Saville starting at 5pm.

All Photos by Carter Doucet

(Above) Not sure anyone in this corner of the rink knew the final score of the game as they were all occupied on the equally (if not more important) wall of beer cups! - Photo Carter Doucet

(Above) Noah Philp scores his 11th goal of the season in the 3rd period - Photo Carter Doucet

All Photos by Carter Doucet

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